The Sessions

After reviewing the Victorian Government Roadmap for reopening, we have concluded the earliest possible dates for staging The Sessions are as below and considering the expected restrictions around vaccine status could you please respond to the following and we’ll use this combined information to make some informed decisions.

We are determined to make The Sessions a reality this year, how do these dates sit with your schedule at the moment?

      Sunday, November 7 (1-5pm) - Intro/songwriting/band allocation (Bakehouse)
    • Monday, November 8 (evening) - rehearsals (Wick Studios)
    • Monday, November 15 (evening) - rehearsals (Wick Studios)
    • Monday, November 22 (evening) - rehearsals (Wick Studios)
    • Monday, November 29 (evening) - rehearsals (Wick Studios)
    • Wednesday, December 1 (evening) - recording (Bakehouse)
    • Sunday, December 5, Sunday Sessions (afternoon) (Westwood or alternate outdoor venue)

Reviewing the ‘Roadmap out of lockdown” it seems that the venues that we will be rehearsing and performing at will have some Government nominated restrictions placed on them based on vaccination status.

We know it is none of our business as to your vaccination status, but for planning going forward, we do need to have an indication of that.

Could you indicate your expected Covid-19 Vaccine status on Sunday, November 7